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Mixing combines all of the individual tracks with compression, EQ, reverb, delay, and a variety of other effects to make it sound like one cohesive piece. The vocals are also correctly intoned and placed in the mix.
Mastering is the final phase of the song making process. The final polish is applied to the mix and the volume is matched with commercially comparable released music.
Yes! To stand out from the crowd with so many people making music now  you need a radio compatible product. When I mix and master your song it can compete with the major labels.
If you use Studio One, LUNA , Pro Tools or Logic Pro X you can just send the whole session. Please convert all virtual instruments into audio and pack all audio files into the folder! Please ALWAYS send a rough mix and send the project "dry", i.e. WITHOUT effects! Pack the project folder as a zip file, name it with your name and email address and send it via Wetransfer.
Please send the song as a 24bit, 44KHz wav file. Higher sample rates are also ok, but not necessary. Please don't artificially "upsample" if your project is 44 KHz or "downsample" if it's more KHz! No mp3 files are accepted, also remove all plugins on the sum track (2track). Pack the project folder/wav file as a zip file, name it with your name and email address and send it via Wetransfer.
Most mixing and mastering companies do not offer a money-back guarantee. It's understandable because you have no control over how the song was recorded, the quality of the recording, or the client's expectations. For first time customers there is the possibility of a 50% discount mix/master. Just ask! If you really don't like the mix/master after the revisions just tell me and we'll work it out.
So easy!
It usually takes me about 4-7 business days to mix/master individual songs. A full album takes 7-10 business days depending on the number of tracks. Express deliveries are only possible after consultation and for a fee!
I mix and master digitally (in-the-box) with analog summing. I use analog hardware from LYNX, Dangerous Music and Universal Audio. Plugins from Universal Audio, Plugin Alliance, Waves and Izotope are mainly used.
Then do not hesitate and contact me personally at
  • What is the difference between mixing and mastering?

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  • How do I submit my songs for mixing?   

  • How do I submit my songs for mastering?  

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

  • How long does mixing/mastering take?

  • What equipment do I use?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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