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Audio, mixing, mastering, production.

The salt in your music





Mobile recordings for vocals, instruments or ensembles are very familiar at home, but with studio sound!

Mix +  Master

Hybrid mixing and mastering, analog and digital processed for the finishing touches to your songs.


To produce

Composition and arrangement according to your specifications, for film, music, jingles or your personal songs.



About me

As a musician, guitarist, teacher, lecturer, composer and arranger, I have over 25 years of experience in the music business - from DIY releases to major label contracts like Motor Music. I accompany established artists as well as newcomers or amateur musicians on their way to their own publication.

  • Guitar studies at the Richard Strauss Conservatory with Susanne Schoeppe and Harald Lillmeyer

  • Lecturer as a sound engineer at the German Pop Academy with a focus on Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, MIDI, sound synthesis, mixing, songwriting, song production

  • numerous publications for motor music, theater, incidental music, advertising, among others

Über Uns

Contact  |  Tel: +4369919210899

  • Facebook - Schwarzer Kreis
  • Instagram - Schwarzer Kreis
  • Soundcloud - Schwarzer Kreis
  • Twitter - Schwarzer Kreis

Thanks very much!

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